Party Drugs

A detailed hard-hitting look at five drugs associated with the party and club scene: Ecstasy/MDMA, methamphetamine, GHB, Rohypnol, and Ketamine.

Young people assume that the drug is harmless fun, just as they assumed about cocaine some years ago. Ecstasy users risk death by dehydration, heart failure, or brain swelling. "In the Know: Party Drugs" explains all of these risks to viewers who may believe the hype that Ecstasy is a safe, fun high.

Methamphetamine production and use has destroyed communities in parts of this country, especially in the west. Meth is addictive and causes rapid deterioration in an abuser's health, social functioning, and personal hygiene. Abusers suffer cardiovascular damage, tooth decay, increased risk of HIV/AIDS and a host of other life-threatening physical effects. Some individuals for their own “high” experience abuse GHB, Rohypnol, and Ketamine, but the trend today is to use one of these drugs to sedate a potential rape victim.

The video describes the risks of using these drugs purposely, and stresses the dangers of being drugged by a rapist on the prowl. It gives a number of tips for protecting yourself against being victimized and raped by someone using one of these drugs. The video concludes with the tragic story of Holly Harmon, a beautiful college freshman, who fell in to an irreversible coma after someone gave her GHB without her knowledge.



Party Drugs
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